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FAQ: Welcome

1. Where is the Copper World Complex located?

Copper World Complex is a proposed copper mine located approximately 28 miles southeast of Tucson, AZ in the northern Santa Rita Mountains and on the western flank of the mountains. The project consists of seven mineralized deposits and approximately 4,500 acres of Hudbay’s private land.

2. How will the project be developed in two phases?

The Copper World Complex will be developed in two phases beginning with operations on our private property, located primarily on the west side of the Santa Rita Mountains. Phase I is anticipated to have a 16 year mine life and will cost $1.9 billion to construct. Phase II would expand the operation onto federal land and will extend the mine life an additional 28 years.  The construction cost of Phase II is currently estimated at $885 million.

3. What permits are required for the Copper World Complex?

Hubday began the permitting process in 2021 with the submission of our Mine Land Reclamation Plan that was approved by the State Mine Inspector in October of 2021. Permitting for Phase I will include obtaining an aquifer protection permit and air quality permit from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. We anticipate the balance of the permitting process to take up to two years. Phase II will require approval of a Plan of Operation from the Forest Service and BLM with all of the related consultations and approvals.

4. What is an MLRP? Have you submitted a reclamation plan for Copper World?

A mined land reclamation plan is a plan for how a mine site will be reclaimed after operations stop. It must be approved by the Arizona State Mine Inspector and bonding must be provided to cover the costs of the reclamation before ground disturbance can begin. This is legally required in Arizona and an example of how responsible mining is done.

Submitting our site layout, reclamation approach, and estimated reclamation costs to the state for bonding was one of the first steps taken to advance the Copper World project. An initial MLRP was approved in October 2021 and we are in the process of updating that plan to reflect the updated plan for Copper World

5. How will you produce copper on-site?

The mineralization at the Copper World Complex will allow for the production of finished copper on-site that will be sold to domestic customers. Utilizing a Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning (SX/EW) process, Copper World will produce copper cathodes that can be used in the development of materials for green energy production, pipes for homes and the wiring that keeps us connected. 

6. What are you doing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the project?

Producing copper on-site will eliminate the need for shipping concentrate overseas for smelting and refining. Hudbay plans to sell the finished copper exclusively to domestic customers in the United States, further  reducing emissions associated with importing copper from foreign countries.


It is estimated that Copper World will reduce total energy consumption by more than 10% when compared to a project design that produces copper concentrates for overseas smelting and refining.

7. When will Copper World begin production?

Hudbay anticipates beginning construction of phase I of the Copper World Complex in 2025 and initiating production as early as 2027.

8. How many jobs will the Copper World project create?

A detailed economic analysis has not yet been completed for Copper World, however based on similar sized mining operations, we anticipate Copper World could create between 500 -1,000 direct jobs and up to 3,000 indirect jobs.


9. Will Hudbay be required to pay taxes?

Yes, Hudbay anticipates that over the life of the mine the project will generate more than $3.3 billion in local and state taxes. That includes more than $660 million in taxes to the state of Arizona and $590 million in local property taxes.

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